February 13, 2005

I am 26 years old and currently living in Corvallis, OR, where my fiance is finishing grad school (studying Wildlife Ecology). I grew up in Orlando, FL, went to SMU in Dallas, TX, studied abroad in London at LSE for a year, went back to SMU for a semester, graduated with a degree in Political Science, and then moved to San Francisco just in time for the dotcom bust. When we all got laid off, I made my way to Bend, OR in 2001 and lived there until this past November when Aaron and I finally decided that it might be convenient to live in the same town for once.

I knitted a couple of small, irregularly shaped objects when I was about 8, but didn't really pick up the needles until a few years ago when I purchased a Learn To Knit kit. One hideously ugly brown chenille scarf later and I was hooked (needled?) At any rate, knitting is probably the hobby I'm best at, even if my production isn't as voluminous as it could be. I'm also learning to quilt, and plan to take my first official class this month.

We're getting married this year on December 28, in Boulder, CO. I expect I'll be a bit busy with that at some point, but we're doing a mostly all inclusive deal at a hotel and there shouldn't be all that much to coordinate if all goes well! Hopefully some people will actually use their vacation on us and attend.