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March 21, 2005

Te Rosada Progress and Wedding Swatch

I made disgustingly little progress on Te Rosada when I was in Bend last week. The upside to that is it's because I had plans almost every night rather than sitting around glumly by myself. The downside is that this sweater should NOT be taking this long to knit. My knitting attention span is about 2 minutes lately. Anyway, I still have about 6 more inches to knit on the back. And then the front and the sleeves. Oy.

The other reason I haven't spent as much time knitting Te Rosada is that I've been charting and swatching for the wedding sweater. The pattern is WRITTEN OUT (I've never bought a Jaeger book before, so I'm guessing this is par for the course, but what the hey?!) And not only is it WRITTEN OUT, it is WRITTEN OUT WITH THREE ERRORS. One of the errors was easy to figure out once I had it charted, and the other errors were the same error on different rows. Those took my longer (and required some online help), but I got them figured out. And then I swatched the pattern. And found TWENTY-EIGHT MORE ERRORS. Literally. The pattern is not centered correctly, which means there is another mistake on every row. The same mistake, granted, but still. And actually, it's twice on some rows, since the repeat is a diamond pattern so some rows have half of two adjacent repeats.

I think I'm going to fix the mistake on my chart (which is a godsend) and then swatch two repeats, to make sure that they line up correctly, etc.

I don't regret picking this pattern, though, because it's beautiful. And can I say that I want to make out with the Koigu? Check out my irregularly blocked swatch:

Wedding Sweater swatch

Posted by Emily at March 21, 2005 03:29 PM