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March 28, 2005

Yet more Te Rosada

I think I am going to start calling this sweater Cotton Candy, since that's the name of the colorway (and the pattern sweater is named after the original colorway). Te Rosada just doens't make much sense in the pink.

And speaking of which, I am almost done with the front:

Here is a closeup of the stitch pattern (unblocked):

I also started a pair of test pants today - I'm working with a printed pattern to adapt the perfect pants. I just sewed the waistband in upside down, though, so I'm putting them away until tomorrow. Yeesh.

Bonus: very cute photo of Aaron and Ivy snoozing on the couch.

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March 26, 2005


Back of Te Rosada is done. Starting front tomorrow! Photos to come.

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March 24, 2005

RIP Te Rosada

I ripped out Te Rosada. I was having yarn quantity issues and then I found a STUPID mistake so I'm ripping and knitting a size smaller.

The good news is that if I actually sit down and start over, this sweater should really only take like 2 weeks to knit. I just need to give it more than 15 minutes at a pop!

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March 22, 2005


Pattern: The Girl From Auntie
Yarn: Cascade Ecological Wool in Natural (8015)

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March 21, 2005

Bridesmaid Scarf

We're basing our wedding colors around the existing decor in our venue. The questions is, what shade of Koigu goes best with these chairs?

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Te Rosada Progress and Wedding Swatch

I made disgustingly little progress on Te Rosada when I was in Bend last week. The upside to that is it's because I had plans almost every night rather than sitting around glumly by myself. The downside is that this sweater should NOT be taking this long to knit. My knitting attention span is about 2 minutes lately. Anyway, I still have about 6 more inches to knit on the back. And then the front and the sleeves. Oy.

The other reason I haven't spent as much time knitting Te Rosada is that I've been charting and swatching for the wedding sweater. The pattern is WRITTEN OUT (I've never bought a Jaeger book before, so I'm guessing this is par for the course, but what the hey?!) And not only is it WRITTEN OUT, it is WRITTEN OUT WITH THREE ERRORS. One of the errors was easy to figure out once I had it charted, and the other errors were the same error on different rows. Those took my longer (and required some online help), but I got them figured out. And then I swatched the pattern. And found TWENTY-EIGHT MORE ERRORS. Literally. The pattern is not centered correctly, which means there is another mistake on every row. The same mistake, granted, but still. And actually, it's twice on some rows, since the repeat is a diamond pattern so some rows have half of two adjacent repeats.

I think I'm going to fix the mistake on my chart (which is a godsend) and then swatch two repeats, to make sure that they line up correctly, etc.

I don't regret picking this pattern, though, because it's beautiful. And can I say that I want to make out with the Koigu? Check out my irregularly blocked swatch:

Wedding Sweater swatch

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March 11, 2005

Must soldier on!

Since I haven't been knitting much this week (just a few rows of Te Rosada here and there), I really need to get on it. I'm going to get back to Aaron's sweater for the weekend. Then I'm going to wind the rest of the Te Rosada yarn and take that with me to Bend next week. I should be able to finish it, since I'll be languishing at the rented apartment thing that has no cable (I'm bringing my antenna this time and hoping I can at least get PBS). Then I will come back and finish Aaron's sweater. After that, I have a couple of May birthday gifts that I'd like to do, the wedding sweater (which I will be swatching and measuring obsessively to make sure it turns out perfectly), and I ordered yarn (Cascade Ecological Wool, which I've been dying to use) and the pattern for Rogue, which I've always liked. I'm planning to do the original pullover, minus the pockets (I've never liked those kangaroo pocket things). Since everyone I love will (hopefully) be at the wedding in December, I'd love to come armed with a lot of hand knits for myself to show off. I really only have one nice thing that I've ever done for myself, and it's a SCARF!! (Oh, and a wrap, but it's too small and I think I'm going to frog it.) I love knitting for other people, but it's time to be a bit selfish.

In other news, I think everyone's getting lap quilts for Christmas this year. More expensive than knitting in a lot of cases (since I mostly knit accessories for gifts that don't require a lot of yarn), but so much faster (and you get something big out of it!)

I just need to give the house a quick cleaning and then I'm knitting for the rest of the evening.

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March 10, 2005

Oh! Wedding Sweater

I completely forgot to mention that I've picked pattern and yarn for my wedding sweater (to be worn with a ball skirt).

I will be making Rosita from Jaeger 35 (which is winging it's way from England as I write this), but substituting Koigu for the 4-ply mercerized cotton. I'm still shopping around for the yarn, since not a lot of places seem to carry the solids, but I will probably order here before too long.


Rosita Sweater


Koigu Color 0000

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And...... I'm Back

I have been knitting, just not posting about it. Last week I was in Bend and Portland for work and I've been sort of vegging this week since I have to go back to Bend again on Monday.


I haven't worked on Aaron's sweater at all. The yarn is so nice when it's knitted and washed, but it's a bit rough on the hands to knit with since it has next to no spring. Before I went to Bend, I made a quick French Market Bag out of the koolaid yarn.

French Market Bag

It needs to be wet and blocked again, since it got a bit smooshed in the car. It's very cute and cheerful, though, and the wide, shallow bag is good for storing a couple of knitting projects.

Because I didn't want to tote the huge cone of yarn for Aaron's sweater all over the state, I grabbed a ball of the Sheep's Gift that I have for Te Rosada and started that sweater. I'm hoping it's not too big - I made a size larger than I usually would, since I think the lace looks better a bit relaxed and not super open. I'm pretty sure I'll have some leeway during blocking, so I'll probably be okay. Aaron said that it looks like cotton candy, which happens to be the name of the colorway! It's knitting up better than I expected - the yarn seemed to have a lot of white in it in the skein, but it's nicely distributed in the sweater. I haven't done more than a couple of rows in the past few days, but it knits up very quickly when I actually work on it. I'm about halfway through the back.

Te Rosada Back

I also finished the last 6 blocks for the quilt I was working on last night, figured out how to use the free motion quilting foot on my machine and quilted some of the baby quilt I'm working on (practice project, and I'll probably give it to Aaron's little nephew since he's the only baby I know about), and experimented with some quilt blocks for the online block exchange that I'm participating in. Still undecided as to what pattern to use. I need to make 15 12.5" blocks, all the same with orange and the main color and black to complement (we're doing brights and assigned various colors so we'd have a good mix).

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